Some artwork contains mild nudity
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Pamelina has teamed up with masterbuilders she's worked with in the past to create these unique California-themed guitars.
Each guitar comes with a matching painting. The guitars and paintings can be purchased as a set or separately.
These guitars will be for sale soon. Prints are available of both the guitars and the artwork.

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Just Marilyn Page
The first collaboration between Pamelina H. and John Page on his own line of hand-crafted guitars. John once told her that someone called him a perfectionist. He said he's not a perfectionist, he strives for excellence and it shows in every guitar he builds. Pamelina's decision to paint Marilyn Monroe as the subject of this artwork refers back to the first hand-painted production that she did with the Fender Custom Shop, the Playboy 40th Anniversary limited edition Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster.
California Republic Suhr
Pamelina and John Suhr worked together for many years while he was a masterbuilder at Fender's Custom Shop and continued to work together after he formed Suhr Guitars. This guitar is pure California, with a variation on the state flag, a background of the Pacific coast and fields of poppies (the state flower).
Universal Monsters FCS Stratocaster
Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster re-built by Scott Grant featuring incredibly detailed artwork by Pamelina of Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein, the Phantom of the Opera, the Wolfman, Dracula, the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Pamelina has always loved horror movies and cut her teeth on Universal Studio's classic monsters. Since they were all produced in California, this was a nice way to give a nod to the state while rendering some favorite characters.
California Homegrown FCS Stratocaster
This psychedelic Fender Custom Shop Stratocster was built by J.W. Black. Pamelina and J.W. worked together for many years at Fender's Custom Shop and have stayed in close contact since his departure. This guitar represents California's rich marijuana history.

On the right you can see how the hotel used a photo of the guitar on their key cards.
Guitar sold at Sunset Marquis art gallery.
Sativa Lipe
Pamelina and Mike Lipe team up again to create a hand-crafted instrument. They've been working together ever since his days as the Guitar Doctor and masterbuilder at the Ibanez Custom Shop.
Pamelina wanted to create the image of the marijuana leaf, but in a distincly different way. Marijuana is part of California's rich history.
LAFD Stuart Rock-It-Tone
This guitar is the first collaboration between Pamelina H. and Fred Stuart on his own line of hand-crafted guitars.
Pamelina has spent nearly half of her life living in Los Angeles. She's been commissioned to do artwork by many men and women in fire departments across the city. This artwork features a classic pin-up in fire gear posed in front of a toy fire truck. In the background is a painting from a photo of the Van Nuys fire station which first opened in July 1939, and is the oldest active station in the LAFD.
Chumash Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
Pamelina and J.W. Black add more to their storied history with this special Fender Custom Shop instrument.
The Chumash were indigenous to California. Pamelina used transparent paints to do this portrait and allow the beautiful natural wood grain to show through. The pickguard was painted in the dot style of Chumash artwork.
This guitar was pre-sold to a collector that Pamelina has worked with for many years.
L.A. Graffiti Lipe
Pamelina H. and Mike Lipe team up again to create a hand-crafted instrument based on the city where they live and work. They've been working together since Mike was the Guitar Doctor and a masterbuilder at the Ibanez Custom Shop.
Since graffiti is a part of the cityscape of Los Angeles, Pamelina felt it was fitting to create a graffiti guitar to represent it.
Guitar sold at Sunset Marquis art gallery.
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Gene's wife Lisa is valiantly battling cancer. 50% of the profit from the sale of this guitar will be given to them to help offset their rising medical costs.
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Acid Bunny guitar/painting
Acid Bunny b3
This guitar is the first collaboration between Pamelina and Gene Baker on his own line of hand-crafted guitars.
Warner Bros. Studios is a California icon and where the Looney Tunes were born. Pamelina painted several artworks for Warner Bros. and this artwork matches one commissioned by WB.
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