Pamelina H. and Evan
No one knows the business better than her son, Evan. He's been by her side as an assistant since his days in high school.
Pamelina has worked as a free-lance artist all of her life, including all the years spent working with Fender, Ibanez and others.
She remained steadfast in her desire to work at home and raise her son. Now her son is an adult and by her side as a partner in her
ever-growing business.

Pamelina has fostered strong relationships with luthiers all over the world and enjoys collaborating with them all. She works with the best in the business to supply musical instruments that are of value in playability and collectibility.

The custom guitar world is relatively small and can be considered a family that is spread out through the far corners of the globe. Pamelina is very proud to be a part of this family.
About Us
A Family Business
Pamelina H. comes from a long line of artists and has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Her first illustration was published in the fan pages of Vampirella Magazine when she was only 10. Inspired and encouraged, she set her sights on becoming a commercial artist.

At the age of 13 she became a professional, earning money through embroidery, selling to a local boutique in Carmel, CA. At 17, she had her first paid illustrations under her belt with Gallery and Hooker Magazines.

Soon after, she moved to Europe and left her mark on the town of Arnhem in the Netherlands. She participated in several group art shows, including one at the RAI in Amsterdam and had a one-woman show.

She's worked within the music industry since the mid-80's by creating artwork for cds, tour merchandise, concert laminates and charity giveaways. She's also painted musical instruments for people like Jennifer Lopez, Babyface, Davey Johnstone, Motley Crue, Mick Fleetwood, Sheila E., Soundgarden and many others.

To date, she's painted over 2000 guitars for Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Dean, B.C. Rich and others. She's painted murals on motorcycles, helmets and cars for Shaquille O'Neal, Vince Neil, Brent Stait and many fine men & women of the police and fire department, from Los Angeles to New York.

Her original work's been published in calendar form, as posters, puzzles, on body jewelry and of course, t-shirts.

She's currently selling prints and original artwork at conventions, galleries and art shows across the country and around the world. And if you don't blink, you'll see her poster, 400 Orgasms, in the greatest movies of all time, Phantoms.

She's been the subject of many articles in magazines ranging from Guitar Player's Guide to Tattoo Savage to America West's in-flight magazine.
Photo Gallery
Photos from many years in the guitar industry including colleagues, musicians and clients from all over the world. Click on the photo to see more!
Fender Musical . guitars . Custom Shop logo . print ad   Battlestar Galactica . guitar   24 . guitar  nip/tuck . guitar
Lakers . guitars . portraits   MTV . merchandise art   Neal Schon . guitars   Jon Bon Jovi . logos   Paul Allen . guitar  
Ratt . drum heads . jackets   Sheila E. .drums   Foreigner . merchandise art   Stu Hamm . bass guitar
Jonathan Moffett . drum heads   Omar Hakim . drum heads   Gibson . guitars   Jimmy Buffett . merchandise art
AC/DC . merchandise art   Cinderella . drums   Skid Row . merchandise art   Cher . designs   Pixies . merchandise art 
Poison . drums . bass guitars   Lollapalooza . merchandise art . laminate art   Fender Museum . advertising art . event logo
Motley Crue . drums . go-cart . motorcycle . helmet   Jennifer Batten . guitars . album cover . tattoo designs . jacket 
Screamer Magazine . illustrations . feature article   Playboy Magazine . Playboy Guitar in Christmas Shopping Guide
Grammy's MusiCares . portraits   Guitar Center . guitars   Jackson Guitars . guitars . print art   311. painted speakers
DBZ Guitars . guitars . advertising  Don Felder . guitar . merchandise art   Justin Timberlake . motorcycle
Guitar Buyers Guide . cover guitar  Ibanez Guitars . guitars . logo   Ringo Starr . drum head
Jennifer Lopez . drum head   Babyface . guitar  Davey Johnstone . guitar   Dean Guitars . guitars
Hamer Guitars . guitars   Genesis . merchandise art  Soundgarden . drum heads   Shaquille O'Neal . mobile home
Mick Fleetwood . drum heads . gong   Megadeth . merchandise art   Aerosmith . merchandise art
Sunset Marquis Hotel - guitar sculpture . key cards   Warner Bros. . merchandise art   Body Glove . designs 
Scorpions . merchandise art   Blues Traveler . merchandise art   Def Leppard . drums   Jeff Beck . guitar
Spectrum 12 . illustration   Aphrodisia . Illustration   Heavy Metal . feature article   NHL . merchandise art
Landmark Calendars . calendar art   SunsOut . Puzzle art  VQ Magazine . Dream Bike article   Tattoo Magazine . calendar art
OSP Publishing . poster art   Flex Magazine . motorcycle   Gallery Magazine . illustration
Penguin Publishing . book covers   Emmys Foundation . guitars  Emmy Magazine . feature
New Line Cinema . merchandise art   Sturgis Bike Week . merchandise art
Hooker Magazine . illustration  Bianca Rossini Show . guest appearance   World Fantasy Con 2004 . Honorable Mention
Tales of the Talisman . Illustrations  America West In-flight Magazine . feature article
Vampirella #11 . illustration in fan pages (age 10)
Air Brush Art + Action Magazine . feature articles & 10-year anniversary   Easyriders Magazine . several motorcycles, illustrations
Tattoo Savage . feature article . centerfolds . pull-out poster   SF Terra Magazine (Netherlands) . cover illustration . feature article
Echo Gallery . 2 shows   Decipher Cards . Illustrations
Some artwork contains mild nudity
All Images ©Pamelina H.
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