3. Finished Body
At right is the scan of the finished painted body before clearcoat. The finished artwork shows how true to the concept Pamelina H.'s work is. This is what you're shown for final approval on the job.

The photo below shows that the artwork continues over the side of the guitar. This was done at the client's request.
2. Guitar Mock-up
The Photoshop design is placed on a guitar template to show what the final work will look like. This process can also be used to apply custom parts, such as the neck inlays shown here.
1. Concept
Every artwork begins with a sketch. In this particular case, the client wanted something based on Route 66. Pamelina did a lot of research, looking at roads and mountains that the famous highway goes through until she found what she liked and made a compilation of all the best parts in Photoshop.
Ordering Information
The Design Process
Sketches cost between $100 - $300, depending on the complexity. You are given the opportunity to request changes to the artwork until you're happy with the finished design. You know, within reason.

When the design is finalized, Pamelina provides a quote unless you've provided a budget to work with.

When the artwork is done, you're sent a scan of the finished artwork for final approval before clearcoat is applied.

Pamelina requires the sketch payment up front. With a 50% deposit on the artwork you are put into her schedule and given a time estimate. Don't worry, she's fast. And prolific.

You'll be sent a scan of the finished cleared work before being billed for the balance. When payment is received, the guitar is shipped to you.

For those poor musicians who desperately want custom artwork, Pamelina is happy to arrange for monthly payments at no interest.

You can pay by cash, check or credit card. Credit card payments are accepted through Paypal.
The Payment Process
Great care is taken in the packing and shipping and items are always sent insured. You have your choice of shipping companies and can use your shipping account. Unless otherwise requested, UPS will be the shipping carrier.

Location is never an issue. Pamelina has painted guitars that originated from as far away as Australia and shipped to places as far as Africa. Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. Invoices will not be modified to reduce these charges.
The Shipping Process
Some artwork contains mild nudity
All Images ©Pamelina H.
pamelina068023.jpg pamelina068022.jpg
If you're interested in having a guitar painted, please read the following information.

1. Every job begins with a concept sketch. You can tell Pamelina what you'd like to see painted or you can give her a budget to work with and she will tailor the artwork to fit your budget.
2. Then the concept is applied to the guitar model in Photoshop and includes any other modifications you'd like to see made.
(The Route 66 guitar design below also featured custom neck inlays)

3. The finished guitar shows how true Pamelina's work is to the concept.
On this particular guitar, the artwork continues over the sides.

You can send Pamelina a new or used guitar for dis-assembly and re-assembly.
Or just send the parts to be painted with all hardware and electronics removed (this will save on shipping costs).
You don't need to worry about minor dings or scratches in the finish as these will be covered or repaired during the painting process.

The parts will be prepped, painted, then covered with polyurethane clear and buffed to a high polish. Or you can opt for a matte finish.
Prices for dis-assembly, re-assembly and clearcoat varies by guitar model.
Pamelina has painted guitars commissioned by clients from all over the world.
Pamelina works closely with her clients to create the guitars of their dreams. They look good and they play good. Great care is taken not only in the artwork, but also in the dis-assembly and re-assembly of each and every instrument.

If you're interested in having your guitar painted, please contact us.
3. Finished Guitar
The finished guitar complete with custom neck inlays. This guitar made the trip all the way from California to Milan, Italy where it lives and makes music.
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